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Your safety is above all our first priority. With a combined 4 years living as part of this community we have seen our fair share of situations. But we understand that things can happen even to the best laid plans. We have evacuation plans in place that allow us to exit the community in emergency situations such as visitor illness or injury. We will walk you through our detailed safety plan before arrival to Boca Guariviara.

You can rest assured that every drink you are offered will be properly boiled and treated. Every meal will be served on a clean plate with clean utensils and properly cooked. Each household you visit has been trained and is aware of the necessary measures needed to keep you safe. We are happy to address any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, low sodium, ect) you have to ensure your needs are met.

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Example Itinerary

Example Itinerary

Day 1: Land in Isla Colon, Bocas Del Toro

  • Beaches, snorkeling, surfing, ect

Day 2: Travel to Boca Guariviara​

  • Meet community members, settle in
  • Night activities

Day 3: Full day in Boca Guariviara

  • Choose from list of activities
  • Reflection period

Day 4: Full day in Boca Guariviara,

  • Choose from list of activities.
  • Reflection period

Day 5: Half day in Boca G, travel to islands

  • Morning activities in village
  • Relax on beaches in Bocas

Day 6: Fly out of Isla Colon, Bocas Del Toro