You will be staying in a traditional Ngobe house of the Bonilla Family. Traditionally, the houses are elevated off the ground and sit on stilts with a thatch palm frond roof. There are three rooms each with their own secure door, and access to a clean flushing toilet just outside the house. Each door has a lock and has secure walls to help you sleep soundly at night.


Preparation for your retreat has been put into motion. We provide mattress pads and bug nets for sleeping comfortably. While these accommodations are far from 5-star, the beds are comfortable, and clean. The house has a solar electric system to provide basic lighting at night as well as access to charge electronics like cameras and phones. We at Millennial Future do not recommend bringing a laptop or professional level camera due to the high humidity. 



All meals will be prepared by local community members who specialize in preparing food to sell the local travelers who move up and down the river on the water taxis. These meals are simple yet filling and generally include eggs, fried bread, and coffee. Lunches are likely to be rice with beans and either chicken or fish. Dinners include bananas or other vegetable, rice, and a meat usually in a soup. Light snacks such as trail mix are also provided and you will have a chance to purchase more before entering the community. You will be full each day.