About Us

Who are we?

We are two RPCV’s who served from 2016 until 2018 in the Comarca reservation of Panama. We served as WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Health) Volunteers and our projects ranged from sexual health education to construction of potable water system. We fell in love with this area and it’s people, and decided to develop a way to share with others the Ngabe Indian culture in a healthy and sustainable way.

50% of retreat proceeds return to a community handled fund to be used in the continued infrastructural development. With this money, the community can organize and install sidewalks, solar lighting, and celebrate their heritage. The other 50% goes back into the business in the form of maintenance and upkeep of the cabanas, and allows us to return as your guides!

Meet Chandler Crouch

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Hi everyone, I grew up in and still reside in Austin, Texas. After completing my undergraduate degree in civil engineering at Texas A&M, I decided to volunteer my time to give back to the world that has given me so much. Serving for 2 years in Panama with the US Peace Corps was a dream come true. I recommend every young professional who has the ability to donate their time and learn about other walks of life.

Living with the Ngabe Indians taught me countless life lessons and I cant wait for you to learn your own. These are wholesome and culturally rich people. I return regularly to this community in Panama to unplug and recharge from the fast paced lifestyle we practice here in the US.

I currently work in Austin as a civil engineer and estimator working to bring rainwater harvesting into the minds of my fellow Americans as we begin to face more and more limits to our resources in the south and west areas of the country.

Meet Zack Wolfe

My passion for service work began as I grew up moving between Latin America and the U.S. where I witnessed health injustices and extreme poverty.  Those experiences led me to study Global Health and Environment at the University of Michigan and ultimately join the Peace Corps.  

 I am currently a nursing student at the University of Kentucky and live in the Red River Gorge where I work for a small cabin rental company and volunteer on the Search and Rescue team. I love the outdoors and enjoy sharing that passion with others having worked as a guide in Virginia and as a park ranger at the Grand Canyon. I look forward to showing you what the Comarca Ngobe-Bugle has to offer alongside our Ngobe friends, it truly is a spectacular place. 

Ultimately my goal is to offer you a glimpse into a part of Panama very few tourists get to see and experience a way of life different from our own. Slowing down, appreciating the day to day, are all things that can lead to growth. We hope to create a symbiotic relationship between our community members, our guests, and this business. Hopefully together we can make this world a slightly better place and flip the script on what it means to travel.