Nantorro, Buenas, and Hello!

The Millennial Future is a tourism cooperative founded by the members of the indigenous Ngobe community, Boca Guariviara, and supported by two former Peace Corps Volunteers who lived and worked in the area. Our vision is to share the rich Ngobe culture and to show visitors a side of Panama seldom seen.


This is not a glamorized tour! This is a retreat style experience where you will walk in the shoes of indigenous Panamanians. The community of Boca Guariviara is located in one of the 10 indigenous reservations in Panama. The community is accessible by boat only and does not have electricity, indoor plumbing, or the comforts of US style bathrooms. You will be forced out of your comfort zone while interactive with the locals. You will try local organic foods and explore a world nearly forgotten by first world globalization.

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This can be a powerful experience. You will find that what the villagers of Boca Guariviara lack in material possessions is greatly made up for in natural beauty and simplicity of lifestyle. By escaping the mundane and embracing a different way of life, we will recognize all the similarities that bind us all as a human species. This experience leaves us with greater respect for ourselves, our lives, and for people in general.

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In an increasingly chaotic and xenophobic world, we here at The Millennial Future believe retreat experiences such as these are worth seeking out and we want to be your guides on that journey.

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